Woody Guthrie

             For my project, I chose to go look at the exhibit, “The Life and Legacy of Woody Guthrie,” at the J. Wayne Stark University Center Galleries. It told about his life story, and presented many of his famous works of art.
             Woodrow Wilson Guthrie was born in the small town of Okemah, Oklahoma on the fourteenth of July in 1912. His grandparents moved to Oklahoma trying to seize the opportunity to seize land from the “Indian Territory.” In his lifetime, Woody experienced and saw much hardship, which he reflected through his artwork, music, and poetry. For example, at the age of only fourteen, Woody was living on his own. Using the hymns and spirituals he learned, Woody added what he learned in the folk tradition from people he met on the road. He also lived during the period of the Great Depression, which presented starving families and much injustice. Woody and many Americans wondered how all of these horrible things could go on in the country proclaimed to be the “land of freedom.” Many families were starving as plenty of food sat behind the fences in the fields left to rot. All of this, Woody expressed through his work, as he was not merely just an artist, but an avid activist as well. His life prematurely ended when he was hospitalized being diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, which also was the cause of death to his mother. However, the impact that he laid upon American soil was so significant as to this day he is still acknowledged in every fight, and battle for fairness, and equality.
             The exhibit showed many of his paintings, poetry, and music he produced in his lifetime. His artworks were direct past events he personally experienced, from the “Black Blizzard” to “Starvation Disease.” His artwork was not beautiful, fancy, or done with much detail. However, Woody’s ability to directly show the events so blatantly is what makes his works so powerful. For example, the exhibit showed a few of hi...

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