12 Angry Men

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Identifying Arguments An elderly witness says he heard the accused boy say, "I'm going to kill you" to his father, but several of the jurors believe this elder witness could not have heard the boy. An elder juror states that the man might have said this "to be important." The elder juror states: It was just that I looked at him for a very long time. The seam of his jacket was split just under his shoulder, or did you notice that. To come to court like that. He was a very old man in a torn jacket and he walked slowly to the stand. He was dragging his left leg and trying to hide it cause he was ashamed. I think I know this man better than anyone here. This is a quiet man, silent insignificant old man, who has been nothing his whole life. And has never had recognition or his name in newspapers. Nobody knows him, nobody quotes him and nobody seeks his advice after 75 years. Gentleman that is a very sad thing to be nothing. A man like this needs to be quoted to be listened to, to be quoted just once. It's very important to him. It will be so hard for him to recede into the background…He wouldn't really lie, but perhaps he made himself believe he heard those words and recognized the face. This juror is using per Continue...

Fallacies of relevance are premises that do not attempt to address the argument's issue. This is a testimonial example because the premise is based upon relying on the authority of the juror giving the argument. Analyzing and Evaluating Arguments 2. Now he ran to the door and he saw the kid running down the stairs and out the house. Third, he states that an old man wouldn't want to recede into the background and become a man who amounts to nothing. The issue of whether this kid is an immigrant is not relevant to the conclusion of the argument. This example, similar to the one above, is a fallacy because it fails to contain premises that address the argument's issue. Juror 6 said he had been painting a house that overlooked an El Line, while juror 8 states that he used to live in an apartment on the second floor, and when the window was open as an El Train passed by you could barely hear yourself think because the noise was so loud. Juror 9 asks juror 4 if he wears eyeglasses to bed, and he stated that no one wears eyeglasses to bed. Several of the jurors bring up points to prove that elderly man did not hear the boy. Juror 8 begins to remember that an El Train was directly next to the apartment and was running that night. While the jurors were arguing over the case, juror 4 took off his eyeglasses and rubbed his nose. Fourth, the body hit the floor just as the El Train passed by, therefore, the train had been roaring past the old man's window for a full 10 seconds before the body hit the floor and according to the man, the boy said, "I am going to kill you" and a second later the body hit the floor.