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Teenagers Smoking Introduction Smoking is a very important issue in the world and among teenagers. There is research that shows that immigrants to the US smoke even more than US citizens (Public Health Service, 1991). Since we at Galileo are all teenagers and mostly immigrants, we would like to do research on smoking in China, the U.S and among immigrants. We did a lot of research in books, magazines and the Internet, and then made a survey to see if smoking at Galileo H.S (a high school in SF) matches what the other research says. Smoking in China China is the most populous country in the world, with 1.2 billion citizens. Smoking is very common in China; over 350 million people are smoking. People can smoke everywhere: in school, theaters, department stores, museums and stadiums, and on public transportation and all domestic flights. In China, the numbers of cigarettes smoked daily has increased from 11 percent to 16 percent for men and from 9 percent to 10 percent for women since 1984 (Hammond, Ross 1988). The teen smokers in China are less than the teen smokers in U.S. In 1997 smoking in China was very high, but the death rate was low, because the Chinese people hadn’t started smoked long enough yet. ShangH Continue...

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The teenagers' smoking has been decreasing a lot; they know more about how smoking cigarettes is very bad for their lives. ai province is where the most people smoke. Smoking in US: Teenagers The smoking rate is very high in the US, and the teen smoker's problems are a very important part. 5 percent of men smoke, compared to 36. But, more Immigrants tried quitting smoking (9. In the SFUSD survey, 54 teenagers tried smoking cigarette, and 46 teenagers don't smoke, but in our survey 27. Smoking in US: Adults There are many smokers in the US, a lot of them die from different diseases related to smoking every year. 3 percent, and male students from 24.