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Who is the typical female delinquent? What causes her to get into trouble? What happens to her if she is caught? These are questions that few members of the general public could answer quickly. By contrast, almost every citizen can talk about “delinquency,” by which they generally mean male delinquency, and can even generate some fairly specific complaints about, for example, the failure of the juvenile justice system to deal with such problems as “the alarming increase in the rate of serious juvenile crime” and the fact that the juvenile courts are too lenient on juveniles found guilty of these offenses. This situation should come as no surprise since even the academic study of delinquent behavior has, for all intents and purposes, been the study of male delinquency. “The delinquent is a rogue male” stated by Albert Cohen in his influential book on gang delinquency. A decade later, Travis Hirschi, with his equally important book entitled The Causes of Delinquency, regulated women and suggested in a somewhat apologetic manner that “in analysis that follows, the ‘non-Negro’ becomes ‘white,’ and the girls disappear.” This pattern of neglect is not all that unusual. All areas of social inquiry have Continue...

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But girls were the losers in this reform movement. Teilmann and Landry (1981) compared girls' contribution to arrests for runaway and incorrigibility with girls' self-reports of these two activities, and found a 10. But unlike males, females' victimization and their response to it is specifically shaped by their status as females, and it is still evident today. 4 overrepresentation of females among those arrested for runaway and a 30. Anthony found common causes with the "social purist around issues as opposing the regulation of prostitution and raising the age of consent. For example, in Chicago (where the first family court was founded), one-half of the girl delinquents, but only one-fifth of the boy delinquents, were sent to reformatories between 1899-1909. It is no accident that girls on the run from abusive homes, or on the streets because of profound poverty, get involved in criminal activities that exploit their "sexual object status. These offenses allow for the arrest of youth for a wide range of behaviors that are violations of parental authority: "running away from home, "being a person in need of supervision, being "incorrigible, "beyond control, truant, in need of "care and protection, and so on. 9 overrepresentation in arrests for incorrigibility. It has also been shown through interviews with runaways that these girls do not have an attachment to their delinquent activities, and interestingly enough many are angry about being labeled "delinquent even though they engaged in illegal acts. Also, many more young people than the visibly group of "troublemakers that exist on every intermediate and high school campus commit some sort of juvenile offense and many of these youth have brushes with the law. Not surprisingly, a large number of girls' reformatories and training schools were established during this period as places of "rescue and reform. Stating these figures, while males comprised 81 of all delinquency referrals, females constituted 46 of all status offenders in court. Specifically, delinquent behavior involves a range of activities far broader than those committed by the "stereotypical street gang. A study conducted in the early 1970's in a Connecticut training school revealed large numbers of girls incarcerated "for their own protection.


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