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Describe A Person Who Has Influenced You

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             Everyone is affected by certain events or individuals that greatly change their life. Many people have
             influenced me during my life. Three wonderful friends that have had a special effect on me are
             Robert, Tiffany and Ashley. In the four years that I have known them well, they have been my best
             friends, and have helped to transform me from a lonely middle school scholar into a happy senior
             with a decent social life.
             Popular wisdom has it that, "You judge a man by his friends." Earlier in my life, that would have been
             difficult, because I had few friends other than my cousins. I concentrated mostly on school and
             sports, paying little attention to life outside my studies. My high grades made me the target of torment
             during elementary school, the name calling: nerd, geek, and worse, was so bad that I was ostracized
             by some of the class, and I shielded myself by further isolation. My Middle School experience was
             no different. I was still a loner. All the dances passed by, and I found other, solitary ways to occupy
             myself. I rarely took time to hang out with fellow students during weekends or vacation time. Then
             came high school, and in Mrs. Krawet's Global Studies I class I sat next to this energetic guy named
             Robert, who joked about the no-brained teenagers working in 7-11's, made fun of the way our
             teacher dramatized the pronunciation of the Huang-Ho and Yangtze Rivers, and satirized the
             teacher's methodology of hand-signals for facts, generalizations, and cause/effect. Finding common
             ground in our senses of humor, and love of the TV Simpson's, we grew acquainted with each other.

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