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This is the essay that got me into the National Honors Society and it was based on leadership skills. I took out some detials and others can fill in the appropriate details "But of a good leader, who talks little: when his work is done, his arm fulfilled, they will say ‘Our work is done.’" -Lao Tse One of the standards of the National Honors Society is that of leadership. Members are expected not only to strive to improve their social environment, but act as a role model, and influence his or her peers in a positive and responsible manner. Students must also balance assertiveness with a compassionate heart. Through my experiences as an editor on the newspaper and captain of the {ENTER SPORTS TEAM HERE], I believe that I demonstrate the NHS ideal of leadersh Continue...

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I have learned many lessons while holding my positions at SCHOOL and feel that I have demonstrated through my accomplishments the National Honor Society ideal of leadership. There is also another side of leadership that is often overlooked, yet I came across it while captain of the SPORTS TEAM We had the potential and talent to have a wonderful season, but inner conflicts and personal problems got in the way. Recently, I was put in the position of demonstrating authority with one of my peers when a very important article on Founders' Park was chosen for the front page. Every month, the editors of the newspaper are expected to put out a newspaper for the student body that meets the high standards set by past editors. Finally, I realized that it was time to take the initiative and show my teammates that we were not only a team, but a family and would always be there for each other. 1 mile course for the first time in two years. Through my experiences with the school newspa- per, I have learned that leadership, one of the ideals of NHS, means getting the job done successfully and in a responsible manner. Needless to say, there is little room for error during the process and it is up to us to show the staff initiative and a no-nonsense attitude. As editor of POSITION for the school newspaper, I have learned to handle my position with authority while gaining the respect of the staff. I held a meeting one day after school and my teammates and I shared what we each thought was troubling the team and how we could solve these problems. As the season progressed, the team saw success and at the Championship, every athlete started and finished the grueling 3. The writer of the piece had to be pushed and prodded and it was my responsibility as an editor to not only help her with the article, but keep her from skipping out of class when she should be working on the story. While leadership does require taking a stand to guarantee success, it is also calls for a compassionate heart, someone who is willing to take time out to insure the happiness of those who follow.


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