The Barbie Doll Culture

             A Barbie doll is one of the famous cultural icons in America. Numerically, there are 2.5 Barbies for every household in America. But what does Barbie doll iconography to the young generation? According to Kamy Cunningham, in her essay “Barbie Doll Culture and the American Wasteland,” talks about the effects that Barbie doll has upon the young generation of American. According to Cunningham, Barbie doll beckons the young Americans girls: big and small, toward a materialistic world, where there is beauty but without emotion or brain. Cunningham argues Barbie doll “influencing and reinforcing an impossible cultural norm of physical beauty.” (Cunningham, 29). The physical beauty that Cunningham is referring to is the materialistic beauty of blonde hair, innocent eyes, tiny waists, flat tummies, long graceful legs and small feet. It was the reinforcement of the norm of physical beauty that Barbie doll affects and turns Americans young generation toward a materialistic world.
             Because of Barbie doll effects upon the young generation in America, I want to figure out the view of American generation toward Barbie doll. Therefore, I asked Tina Tran, a 22 years old college student on what is her view toward the effects of Barbie doll in the United States. Since Tina wasn’t born in the United States, her view, therefore, was an observation of the American generation, thus, enables me to receive an unbiased view of the Barbie doll effects. According to Tina opinions, woman (female in general) of today society are becoming very materialistic; they put on heavy make up and many changes their appearances surgically to appeal more attractive and to be confident of themselves. These woman actions, when asked what is her view on why woman would want to do that, Tina explains, is the effects of society! Men, in general, through out the ages, want woman to have a beautiful looks, such that they are voluptuous but with ou

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