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Truman was a simple honest man. His impact on world history however was much more than simple. In his life he would take part in both world wars and serve two terms in office as president. Truman was born in Lamar, Missouri, on May 8, 1884. His full name was Harry S. Truman. The S did not stand for anything but was put there to appease his two relatives who’s names started with s. He was the eldest of three children with a younger brother Vivian, and a younger sister Mary Jane. His parents were not rich but his mother, Martha Ellen Young Truman, always found that money was there for piano lessons or books. Truman moved to Independence when he was six. He went to the Presbyterian Church and attended Sunday school (he met his future wife Elizabeth Wallace here). Truman began school at eight years of age. His two passions, reading and music, helped him gain a strong education and high grades. His large glasses and vast knowledge also alienated himself from other children. After graduating in 1901, his future was unclear. His poor eyesight barred him from military service and his families financial situation would not allow him to go on to college. Truman worked as a time keeper for thirty five dollars per m Continue...

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Truman however paid his debts and never declared bankruptcy. His committee is estimated to of save 15 billion dollars and only cost 400,000. He converted the atomic energy program from the military and to the civilian atomic energy commission. His Taft-Hartley Act had a great impact on limiting the powers of workers unions. Truman opened a clothing store for men with his friend Eddie Jacobson in Kansas City. This was his first public office position. The white house was uncovering the Pendergast political movement for what it was, Truman was assumed to be just as crooked. He always stayed interested in politics and was a firm democratic supporter. He ran against William O' Douglas, Alben W. His actions of only freeing south Korea from communist china eventually led to Macarther's abrupt firing. The store lost money when farm prices dropped in 1920 and finally shut down in the winter of 1922. After the Yalta conference Truman had several brief meetings with FDR but never discussed the plans for peace or for the current crisis. He returned home in 1906 after his grandfathers death. He was made captain of Battery D (nick named Dizzy D), tamed their rowdy ways and lead them to glory in the battles of Saint-Miheal and Argonne.


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