truman s harry

             Truman was a simple honest man. His impact on world history however was much more than
             simple. In his life he would take part in both world wars and serve two terms in office as
             Truman was born in Lamar, Missouri, on May 8, 1884. His full name was Harry S.
             Truman. The S did not stand for anything but was put there to appease his two relatives who’s
             names started with s. He was the eldest of three children with a younger brother Vivian, and a
             younger sister Mary Jane. His parents were not rich but his mother, Martha Ellen Young
             Truman, always found that money was there for piano lessons or books. Truman moved to
             Independence when he was six. He went to the Presbyterian Church and attended Sunday school
             (he met his future wife Elizabeth Wallace here). Truman began school at eight years of age. His
             two passions, reading and music, helped him gain a strong education and high grades. His large
             glasses and vast knowledge also alienated himself from other children. After graduating in 1901,
             his future was unclear. His poor eyesight barred him from military service and his families
             financial situation would not allow him to go on to college.
             Truman worked as a time keeper for thirty five dollars per month at Sante Fe Railroad.
             He still read up on histories and encyclopedias when he could find the time. He moved to Kansas
             City and worked as a clerk for the Kansas City Star, he then began work at the National Bank of
             Commerce and finally the Union National Bank’s book keeper. He returned home in 1906 after
             his grandfathers death. The family had inherited a farm in Grandview Missouri and for ten years
             Truman worked and became quite a successful farmer. He had his first small taste of politics
             when he joined the local democratic party organization, run by Mike Penergast. He was made
             Grandview Postmaster. Truman invested some money in Lead mines and then oil fields. He sold
             his stocks and enlisted in...

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