Honest Abe Abe Lincoln

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INTRODUCTION Abraham Lincoln, Honest Abe, is one of the greatest American Presidents. He is known today for his Presidency in which he fought the Confederacy during the Civil War and abolished slavery with the Emancipation Proclamation and later the Thirteenth Amendment. He was an intelligent, honest, and just leader who governed at a critical time in American history. PRE-PRESIDENCY Lincoln was born on the twelfth of February 1809 in a cabin three miles outside of Hodgenville, Kentucky. He was later forced to move to Indiana. As a child Lincoln worked on his family’s farm clearing fields and tending crops. He liked to read but unfortunately received hardly any formal education. In fact, his entire schooling only amounted to about one year of attendance. (Brit. 23) In 1830 Lincoln’s family moved to Illinois. Lincoln didn’t want to be a farmer, so he tried other professions: rail-splitter, flatboat man, storekeeper, postmaster, surveyor, an army man, and a profession in Law. In 1932 Lincoln, at twenty-three years old, decided to run for the Illinois State legislature. Lincoln was to campaign for local improvements such as better roads and canals. However, a war with the Indians b Continue...

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8221; The Republicans said Peace Democrats were hurting the war effort and helping the rebels. 8221; This act brought him back into politics. Lincoln kept debating and got a lot of Republican support. Mary was so disturbed that she could not attend his funeral. In 1856, Lincoln switched from the Whig Party to the Republican Party because the Whigs were weak and could never unite against slavery. There, Grant accepted Lee8217;s surrender. McClellan trained his men very carefully but took a long time doing it. He later said in his address 8220;In your the American people hands, my dissatisfied countrymen, and not mine is the momentous issue of civil war. 8221;Four months after the Battle of Gettysburg a ceremony was held to 8220;dedicate a portion of it the Gettysburg battle field as the final resting place of those who here gave their lives. 8221; On the other hand, there were also Northerners who supported the Union but not emancipation. 8221; In his plan, Scott wanted to blockade the Southern coast and take control of the Mississippi squeezing the Confederacy and isolating them completely. After his short wartime, Lincoln returned to politics and lost the race of Illinois Legislature. 8220;I have no purpose, directly or indirectly to interfere with the institution of slavery in the states where it exists.