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Jimi Hendrix

JIMI HENDRIX Jimi Hendrix was one of the most influential musicians in music history. Jimi Hendrix was one of the most exciting and creative guitar players ever. He mixed Blues and Rock & Roll together to create some of the most unique music ever played. Jimi had only four years of fame, but unlike others, has become even bigger in the 20 years after his death. Jimi’s parents, Al Hendrix and Lucille Jeter got married in Seattle, Washington on March 31, 1942. Soon after Johnny (Jimi) Allen Hendrix was born in Seattle on November 27, 1942. Al and Lucille got divorced in December, 1951, because of Al’s drinking problems. Al was granted custody of Jimi and his two brothers, Leon and Joseph. Shortly thereafter, Lucille Hendrix died of tuberculosis. Jimi did not attend her funeral because his father would not allow it and he had no way to get there. Unfortunately financial problems caused the brothers to be separated. Joseph was adopted and Leon was in and out of foster homes. As a young boy, Jimi loved to listen to his fathers Jazz and Classic Blues records. In Jimi’s teenage years, he listened to Rock & Roll and R & B songs on the radio. Al quickly encouraged Jimi’s love for music by buying him a $5 acoustic guitar. With practice, Jimi was soon playing songs off the radio and playing in local bands. In 1960, Jimi quit high school. After a few problems with the law, he joined the Army. He became a paratrooper, but was discharged after seven months because he broke his ankle. Starting in October of 1962, Jimi went off to pursue his musical career. Jimi was a pick-up guitarist for artists Little Richard, The Isley Brothers and Sam Cooke. In 1966, Hendrix formed a band and elected to sing for the first time. They had a regular spot in Greenwich Village, New York City. One night Chas Chandler, the bass player for the Animals, saw Jimi and his band perform. After the performance, Chandler was ...

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