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Fine Story

The Five Essential Elements A fictional story must seem real to its reader. The story must bring emotion, imagination, and intellectual feelings to the reader. The writer’s choice and control of his or her techniques determines how well these elements will affect the audience. A successful story must contain five essential elements: plot, characters, conflict, setting and theme. The plot is simply the events and actions that take place during the story. The plot is the core of the story; it must be developed well. A well-developed plot must have a beginning, middle, and end. A plot of a story needs to contain exposition, complication, rising action, climax, and denouement. The plot should have action occurring and unfolding as the novels characters deal with conflict. The building blocks of a story are the characters. In a fictional story, the characters should convince the reader that there is a life beyond the story being told. The reader should become involved with the characters and be able to relate to the situations the characters experience. The story must include complex and complete characters to keep the audience’s attention. The characters need to leave a lasting impression on the reader. Conflict is also needed to make the reader care more about the story. The conflict can be physical, emotional, or ethical but it should create some sort of tension or problem that the character or characters must resolve. The reader should be able to see the climax and resolution of the conflict. These should be brought on slowly to keep drawing the reader in. At this point, the reader should be captured in the book. The setting of a story is a crucial aspect. The setting is the time and place in which the story is told. Explaining the setting in great detail helps the reader sense the environment that the characters are in. This is essential to help the reader relate to and understand the characters and plot. The setting ...

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