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could you Imagine what it would be like to grow up as a performer in a world that didn’t even except female Tejano singers? Can you imagine how much courage and work it would take to make it to the top? That’s was Selena Quintanilla Perez had to go through. Selena was born in Lake Jackson, Texas on April 6th, 1971 to Abraham and Marcella Quintanilla. Abraham was a shipping clerk for a chemical company and Marcella was a housewife. Abraham being a well respected Mexican musician, who only sang English songs, and had his career ruined because of that. American people didn’t respect him because he was Mexican, and the Mexican people did not respect them because they sang English songs. By the time Selena reached age 10, it became very obvious that Selena was a natural born performer and that she had a great amount of singing talent. Abraham decided to start a band, he was afraid that the same thing would happen to her, so he decided to teach her some Spanish songs, but one problem, Selena only knew how to speak English, so Selena went on with most of her life not even knowing what the words meant that she was singing. Well in order to start the band they Continue...

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    selena. Selena Quintanilla-Perez On April 16, 1971, Easter Sunday, one of the greatest remembered singers was born, Selena Quintanilla-Perez. .... (488 2 )

    Tejano Music Queen
    Tejano Music Queen. "Tejano Music Queen" Selena Quintinilla Perez was the most qualified in the field of Tejano music/crossovers singers. .... (562 2 )

    Jennifer Lopez number 1!!!
    .... In 1996 after Selena's death, they were going to make a movie about her. .... "Selena" was a big opportunity and Jennifer becomes a Hollywood superstar. .... (1323 5 )

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    .... Despite having previously worked in Mi Famillia, Gregory Nava asked Lopez to audition as a part of nationwide search in Selena. .... (623 2 )

    .... ones. He did love his daughter, Selena. Andrew was in the story to get Hisako her unborn daughter Akiko, and Selena to Guayaquil. .... (5018 20 )

"Dreaming of You was released in February 1995. All the recording and touring throughout the 80's finally paid off, because in 1987 "Selena y Los Dinos came to national attention, when Selena won a Tejano Music Award for Female Vocalist and Performer of the Year. In 1980, Abraham and Marcella opened up a Mexican restaurant. With sales booming and Selena holding a record breaking concert at the Houston Astrodome where over 61,000 fans attended, there was no thought in anyone's head that anything could stop Selena. Two fashion boutiques located in Texas. It was said that the women argued loudly and then Yolanda pulled out a handgun and shot Selena as she was leaving. Also in 1994 she won a Grammy for "Best MexicanAmerican Album for her album "Selena: Live. Selena ran to the hotel's lobby and a worker call. In 1994, Selena's first mainstream exposure came in, she played a singer in the 1993 film Don Juan DeMarco. It was a great accomplishment for a 15 year old girl. already knowing the drums, Suzette already knowing the drum, and Selena having an awesome voice started their band, "Selena Y Los Dinos. Her fame was definitely being brought to the Latino communities, but Selena wanted more. Her family later welcomed him into the family with open arms.


"Love at the Border"
exotic other." Indeed, Limon (1, 89) seems to make this suggestion himself in his description of the impact made on popular culture by the Tejano star, Selena. (1785 7 )

Shock & Controversy on Talk Radio
Stern has continued to offend listeners on a regular basis, and he most recently outraged a group of his listeners after the murder of the Tejano singer Selena (1764 7 )

Nature of the Medium of Talk Radio Americans today are awash in
Stern has continued to offend listeners on a regular basis, and he most recently outraged a group of his listeners after the murder of the Tejano singer Selena (3624 14 )

English-Only Workplace
As Selena Solis, a lawyer with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, claims, ôWhere we have been seeing these English-only policies take (2441 10 )

Latino Influence on American Media
Moctesuma Esparza produced "Selena" about the singer's life and premature death, and is also working on a feature about the life of activist Cesar Chavez. (4845 19 )