could you Imagine what it would be like to grow up as a performer in a
             world that didn’t even except female Tejano singers? Can you imagine how
             much courage and work it would take to make it to the top? That’s was Selena
             Quintanilla Perez had to go through.
             Selena was born in Lake Jackson, Texas on April 6th, 1971 to Abraham
             and Marcella Quintanilla. Abraham was a shipping clerk for a chemical company
             Abraham being a well respected Mexican musician, who only sang
             English songs, and had his career ruined because of that. American people
             didn’t respect him because he was Mexican, and the Mexican people did not
             respect them because they sang English songs.
             By the time Selena reached age 10, it became very obvious that Selena was
             a natural born performer and that she had a great amount of singing talent.
             Abraham decided to start a band, he was afraid that the same thing would
             happen to her, so he decided to teach her some Spanish songs, but one
             problem, Selena only knew how to speak English, so Selena went on with most
             of her life not even knowing what the words meant that she was singing.
             Well in order to start the band they would need more then Selena so
             Abraham made Abraham III (nicknamed A.B.) her older brother, and Suzette, her
             older sister. A.B. already knowing the drums, Suzette already knowing the drum,
             and Selena having an awesome voice started their band, “Selena Y Los Dinos”.
             They started practicing together and performer a little.
             In 1980, Abraham and Marcella opened up a Mexican restaurant. At first
             business was booming, Abraham even had to quit his shipping clerk job to
             devote his full time and attention to the restaurant. Unfortunatly after the Texas
             Oil Bust of 1981, the restaurant went bankrupt and had to be shut down. So
             Abraham bought a bus and “Selena Y Los Dinos” beg

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