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Rabindranath Tagore
Biography from his early childhood onwards

?The steps that I heard in my childhoods play
their music resounds in all the music of this world. 1

Rabindranath Tagore was born on the 7th May 1861. The Tagore´s of Calcutta were famous for their culture and independence. Rabindranath was
the 14th child of his father Debendranath and mother Sarada Devi. Perhaps in no family would the 14th child be particularly welcome and much less so in a family, where all the elder brothers and sisters and their families live together in one joint household. His saint like father was distinguished for his pursuit of religious and spiritual truth.
He was popularly known as Maharshi, meaning saint. In 1843 he converted to Brahmism. Influence of his father was abiding in the poets life. Rabindranath wrote in his life history about his childhood with a beautiful compliment.

Rabindranath was a healthy and a fair baby, but perhaps not as fair as some of his elder brothers and sisters. His eldest sister Saudamini used to remark that, ? My Rabi may be dark and not so fair, but he will outshine all the others.?* Sarada Devi, was mistress of this huge household, but suffered always from chronic illness and so she was unable to give proper attention to young Rabindranath. Servants were used to look for him and he would remain confined to a room and gazed on the pond under the window, a large banyan tree, at the eastern bank near the wall and the coconut groove on the south. Years later, when he recalled his childhood, there was no trace of self ? pity, rather he congratulated himself having being spared the dangerous luxury of being patted and spoiled by parental solitude.
Thou the family had reputation of aristocratic way of life, the children were brought up more or less in austerity.
? Our food had nothing to do with delicacies, we were not allowed to were socks or shoes till we had past our 10th year. In the cold weather ...

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