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The book that I read was Brave New World. It was written by Aldous Huxley. Huxley was born in England on July 26, 1894. He came to the States in 1937. Throughout his writing career he wrote many types of things. His works included novels, poetry, and essays.Huxley had established himself as a prestigious writer by the time that he was thirty.He also received the Award of Merit for his novel Island., from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He died Nov. 22 1963. In California. I want to give you some background about the book before I get into the theme.The book itself takes place in a futuristic London. The entire Western Europe is controlled by one man, the Ford. The Ford's name is Mustapha Mond. In this society all of the people are hatched. The idea of people Giving birth is repulsive as well as is the idea of anyone wanting to be alone. Every persons future is predetermined. They are made to fit a cast system And they can never break away from that cast. Some people are smart and well respected and others are looke Continue...

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Here is a few lines toward the end of The book that helps reinforce the idea that the people of this Society don't get the concept that there are things more important Than looks and social activities. Soma is like a tranquilizer that puts you in a place that you want to be and has no side-effects. Dealing with problems is no problem for these people because of a drug called Soma. I would recomend it to anyone . At first he doesn't know what to make of this new exciting Place with its lights and smells and music going all of the time. The excerpt is from a letter written by Bernard to Mustapha Mond about Johns addaptation to the city. It is obvious that John is becoming defensive about how much he want to be out in public. He prepares as much supplies that He can. To have fun, and to have sex with no commitment. d at like they are the scum of the earth. He remained there self-sufficient Until a few travelers found that he was there they immediately Notified the media and soon reporters were bothering him again. The primary objective of This society is to be social. 160) As the book progresses and John spends more time in the city He begins to dislike it more and more.