Bag of Bones

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Bag of Bones is the best book Stephen King has written in years. As shocking as Carrie, as mysterious and menacing as The Shining, as funny and honest about writers as Misery, as evocative of place as his record-setting bestseller The Green Mile, this is a horror novel steeped in all the finest qualities of our favorite Stephen King stories. And yet it is also a bold step beyond, toward a more mature vision of marriage, sex, loss, family—and, especially, evil. Narrator Mike Continue...

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Noonan is a best-selling writer of romantic thrillers "V. Devore is obsessed with taking away his granddaughter, Kyra, from her young widowed mother, Mattie. A century ago, a group of local men murdered a black blues singer and her family. The community is held in the grip of Max Devore, a powerful millionaire with a wicked past. Bag of Bones, then, is the author at his best, and something more. As Mike falls in love with Mattie and comes to adore Kyra, he has to decode the warnings that only he and the child are receiving from ghosts. But this is King territory, and Mike's beloved Yankee town has its dark side. It would be unfair to reveal any more of King's story, a complex web of relationships, rivalries, and revenge. But this is only one of the buried secrets Mike unearths. Plagued by nightmares and writer's block following the sudden death of his wife, Mike escapes to their lakeside summer house, known as Sara Laughs. Andrews with a prick," as he ruefully puts it. Refrigerator magnets that spell out warnings and a spooky trip back in time to a country fair are just the beginning of a long and scary ride. He must do all these things, or the killing won't stop.


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