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“A Pair of Tickets” In “A Pair of Tickets” by Amy Tan the main character struggles because she is dealing with feelings of resentment for her mother, because her mother never told her of her older half sisters. She is bothered because she gets a feeling of family that as an American she has never known. This along with the fact that she was never told about her sisters by her now deceased mother makes her feel as if she had never really known her. She is also depressed by the way the rest of her family acts as if they remember her mother so well when she feels so distant to her. Throughout the entire story the theme of family is present. The main character feels distance from her family because they were all raised in the traditional Chinese ways while she was raised in a much more western environment. She is just beginning to feel Chinese herself. Tan says that “once you are born Chine Continue...

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This makes her feel resentment towards her departed mother. She doesn't feel like she held family as highly as her mother had wanted her to and by getting in touch with them now she is learning about herself and her mother at the same time. I think that to her Chinese is the family that she never knew she had. se, you cannot help but feel and think Chinese (160). Her mother had kept a secret from Jing-Mae that had caused her much pain and Jing-Mae is struggling with why. She feels as if she had never really known her mother now. She also feels silly for many of the things that she said because she now knows how they must have made her mother feel. Jing-Mei didn't want to go because of selfish reasons. Even though she has never met these sisters it is obvious that she cares for them. If she had known that her mother had wanted to go back not just for fun but to ease her soul by looking for her long lost daughters her reaction probably would have been a different one. They are bound by this new Chinese idea of family that the main character is now feeling because of her mothers death. The fact that her mother never told her about her older twin sisters also bothers her. Jing-Mae is just like anyone else that has to deal with the shock of finding out something unusual about someone that they thought they knew well. A good example of this is the time that her mother had suggested that they go back to China on a visit.


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