3 most important battles of the revolution

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The American Revolution may have been the most important war in the Western Hemisphere. It granted independence from Britain to the United States. Soon after, the United States became a powerhouse in all wars to come. This country has changed many wars’ outcomes. The American Revolution was guaranteed to the Americans after three important battles. These battles, in chronological order were the Capture of Fort Ticonderoga, Battle of Saratoga, and the Battle of Yorktown. The world would never be the same. The American Revolution began on April 19, 1775 at Lexington and Concord. The fighting soon started after the shot heard ‘round the world. Some isolationists disagreed with this fighting. This battle would prove to be a great loss to the Americans because the British stole their supply of gunpowder from the French arsenal. Ethan Allen (1738-1789) and the once rabble, Green Mountain Boys were gathering around Boston to fight the British who held siege the city after the British retreated there. They soon realized that they had no munitions to fight with. On their way there, they met up with Col. Benedict Arnold (1741-1801) and his troops. After arguing about who would be in charge of the troops the men decided to share the d Continue...

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Morgan's riflemen, with 300 New Hampshire light infantry, fought Burgoyne's center column at Freeman's Farm about a mile north of the American camp. The British line was repeatedly broken, but fought back again and again. The Battle of Saratoga was two different events. The Americans, now running low on ammunition, withdrew from the field. This now meant that General Cornwallis was cut off from support and escape by sea. There was nothing left for him to do, so he sent word of his surrender. His fortifications were ready by August 22, 1781. However, German mercenaries arrived and attacked right side of the American troops. The fort was equipped with all the British supplies and was a key fort in controlling the waterways of Canada. These three battles proved to be the most essential of the American Revolution. On May 20, 1781, General Cornwallis (1738-1805) arrived in Petersburg, Virginia. The war officially ended on September 3, 1783 with the Treaty of Paris. He and French General de Rochambeau (1725-1807) began marching from Rhode Island to Virginia, managing to slip out of New York City without General Clinton's knowledge. If the Americans, with the help of the French and Spanish, had not won, they would have never won the war. After the Americans won this battle, it encouraged the French to declare war on England and Spain to join forces with the patriots.


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