Being There

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The idea of a mildly retarded grown man who can not read or write to be mistaken for a rich and wealthy brilliant gentleman is extremely obsurde. One would never think they would make a mistake such as this one. Yet, a man named Chance repeats this tremendous feat over and over. He even worked his way up to meeting the President of the United States and made him think that he is not mildly retarded. It all began with a rich old man called "The Old Man". He took Chance in and had his servants take care of him. Chance just watched TV and took care of his garden, every day for yea Continue...

Chance acted out roles that he saw on TV which helped him to seem like a wealthy person. Soon after the Old Man died, everything in the house was packed up and all the furniture was covered with bed sheets. Gardener because EE did not hear him correctly. He soon started to meet more and more wealthy people. Gardener was a wealthy-high classed gentleman, even though he was actually Chance. When the bank representatives came to check on the house, they found Chance inside. In conclusion, it is realistically impossible for a mildly retarded man who can not read or write to be confused as a wealthy businessman. Chance did not really understand what had happened except for the fact that he was gone. This irony is exactly what makes the life of "Chauncey Gardener" as humorous as it is. He even made his way to meeting the President. He was given much respect by everybody and people enjoyed his company.