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Wiener, Wiener, Wiener Hotdogs. Armour Hotdogs. What kinds of kids eat Armour hotdogs? Short kids, fat kids, and tall kids too! They all love Armour hotdogs. There are many hotdog companies around the world and people from all around the world love hotdogs. Hotdogs are made in many different ways and many different people eat hotdogs. Hotdogs are one of the oldest forms of processed foods in the world. It was said to have originated in Frankfurt, Germany. In 1984, Frankfurt celebrated the 500th birthday of the original hotdog that was a frankfurter. The frankfurter was made in 1484. Austria says that the hotdog or “wiener” was started in Vienna. Hotdogs came to America from all over Europe. In 1871, Charles Feltman opened Coney Island’s first Hotdog stand. It sold over 3,000 hotdogs in one day. The Hotdog came to baseball stadiums in 1893. A man in St. Louis who was a bartender and a baseball team owner brought hotdogs to one of the games and people loved it. The current shape of the hotdog was made in 1904 Continue...

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The process making and boxing a pack of hotdog takes less than an hour. When they are done cooking, the cellulose casing is peeled off and sprayed with ice-cold water. After they are in the casings, they are cooked or smoked. Of the six million people who eat kosher hotdogs, about one-fourth of them are Jewish. There are kinds of hotdogs like the German hotdog called a bratwurst or a frankfurter. Hotdogs with cellulose casings are all the same size and weight, but natural casings are a little uneven in the weight and the size. Natural casings are made from a pig or cow intestines. Kosher hotdog may have pork only if the pig is slaughtered in accordance to Jewish laws. He went out and bought all the dachshunds that was available and started selling them. Anton then went to his brother who was a baker and he came up with the hotdog bun. The choppers then blend the meat, spices, and other ingredients together into a batter. This gave him the inspiration to draw a dachshund barking. Hotdogs are sometimes called sausages. A man by the name of Anton Feuchtwanger was a hotdog seller.