Economic System of Germany

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Germany’s Economic System The Federal Republic of Germany’s economy has now flourished despite its harsh times that have been faced throughout the decades. Most people know about Germany from its historic involvement in World War II; its successful campaign to unite East and West with the successful collapse of the Berlin Wall; and its world class development and production of automobiles. Unfortunately, what most people don’t know is that Germany continues to fight an uphill battle in keeping its established ranking among the world’s most important economic powers. A historic look back at Germany shows that after its fall in World War II, it needed a massive rebuilding in order regain its status that it once held. Various events took place that helped it re-climb the pedestal ladder. The year 1948 brought a currency reform that was the turning point for economic reform. There was a continuous economic growth each year for Western Germany, but the strict, conservative ways of East Germany’s communist rule still slowed true growth in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). To make matters worse, the whole country experienced a significant drop in its GDP, causing a recession from 1976 through to 1985. There was a g Continue...

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This shows that the industry has steadily improved after its immediate 40 tumble it took back in 1989. Wine grapes grown in the Rhine and Moselle Valleys help develop that notable industry. The Bundestag may make the decisions on what to do about the economic status and how to make corrections, but it is the job of the Central Bank to carry them out. The eastern states faced the worst of it because to this day they continue to reform and with reform comes work force reduction. A large part of it has to do with the country's economy that continues to see-saw, requiring quick intervention by the Bundesbank and Bundestag. One of the largest contributors to the GDP is manufacturing and the goods that it produces - claiming nearly 40 of the total GDP every year since 1992. It's the commitment to the people by the Bundestag that has helped rank it among the top economic powers of the world. Economists have figured this to be true because West Germany continued to evolve with industrial and technological breakthroughs and standards, while the communist East Germany adhered to traditional, unproductive ways that in some cases dated back to the 1940s and World War II times. 3 increase that year, recovering from their 1.


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