Global Population

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One of the biggest problems with the world today is our rapidly growing global population. With the current population being at over 6 billion, every second five people are born and two people die which means the population grows by 3 people per second. I predict that if we do not do something about this problem soon, the Earth is going to reach it’s maximum capacity and we will slowly run out of resources, which could cause wide-spread famine and eventually lead to the population dropping down to a normal level again, or perhaps there may be a natural disaster such as a worldwide earthquake that would leave only a select 1000 people living. Continue...

We need to act now to prevent a disaster such as this happening. We need to find other methods of controlling the population so that we do not have to suffer through death or the death of loved ones. As our population grows, most of our problems will only worsen. Earth has a unique way of working, and if there are too many people on the planet, mother nature may take control. I believe that if we teach sex education properly in all of our schools, and the people of the world are able to accuire birth control easily when they need it we can stop this expeditiously growing problem. Whether it be natural disasters, famine, or possibly something else, we will have wished that we had taken the precautions prior to the point of devastation. We can stop this problem, but it won't just happen, people have to do something about it. We should plan a new way to manage the planets natural resources. Birth control is also a good method, except many countries and religions do not believe in forms of birth control. The chance of having one natural disaster take down all of the population but a select few is extremely slim, but possible. Because we are very limited in the amount, natural resources need to be managed accordingly. Our survival depends on population control and also better management of our precious natural resources. If these contraceptives were easily available to all people the population growth would not be such a problem. By teaching proper sex education in schools and offering free courses around the world we can help to better inform people about the dangers of the population continuing to grow.