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Women In Combat “From Kelly Flinn to G.I. Jane, controversy has raged in recent months over whether women are fit for military service” (Brown 326). In the articles “Women Unfit for Combat? Au Contraire!” and “Women are not a Warrior Class,” both authors convey their thoughts on women in combat. Both authors give many reasons why or why not women should be allowed to fight in combat. Timothy Brown, the author of “Women Unfit for Combat? Au Contraire!” gives many more strong examples to argue his case than the author of “Women are not a Warrior Class” and, consequently, has a more persuasive essay. In an effort to discourage women from considering combat rolls in the military, Paul Hackett, one of the authors of “Women are not a Warrior Class,” made this bold statement in his argument, “Can women master the skills and strategies of combat as well as men? Yes. Can women mentally endure the rigors of combat as well as men? Yes. Can women meet the physical rigors of combat at the level required by the U.S. forc Continue...

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James Collins another author of "Women Unfit for Combat argues that when women are put in life threatening conditions, many of them would rise to the challenge, but he doesn't believe that women should be allowed to be on the front line in combat. Through the years, the stature of women in society has grown, leading a way for women to become not the male's possession but his equal. If for the sake of diversity and political correctness we want to include a women in combat, then consider the cost of that decision: the silver medal in combat is defeat (Hackett 329). Martin's The New American Desk Encyclopedia Penguin Group, New York, 1998 Women's History in America Presented by Women's International Center (WIC) www. "Women Unfit for Combat Au Contraire, The Structure of Argument. The reality that Hackett can actually believe that a woman in combat would lead to defeat is absurd and degrading to the entire female population. Not only does Timothy Brown convince his readers that woman in combat is more than just about women's rights and morals. Bibliography Work Cited Brown, Timothy C. Since the beginning of time, women have been viewed as the weaker sex.


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