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The situation I would like to explain happened fairly recently. I have accepted a position with a National Bank as one of their E-mail Server Administrators. An acquaintance of mine (Don) told me about the position and took my resume to his supervisor. He is not someone I call a friend because we do not do any activities together nor do our wives do things together. I used to work at the Bank’s location as a contractor for a different company. I had changed employers and we maintained casual communications for the year I had been gone from the Bank. He had tried to help me obtain a position with the bank a couple of times, but none of the opportunities ever turned into anything until now. I have now been at the Bank for 5 weeks. The first week was fine, just trying to learn where the bathroom and Cafeteria were. Nothing was obviously strange with Don at first or really had the appearance of being amiss until the second week. Our interactions began to get a little strange. Don began making comments like, “you would have had to pay an employment agency several thousand dollars for a job like this”. I briefly thought to myself that was weird. I soon forgot about the incident till the next day when he made some ot Continue...

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He would respond to a question of mine with a question or just make me repeat it then interrupt me when I would just start to repeat it with "I understand. So began to challenge him in a way that was only one on one and so no one else was around. Bibliography none sorry. I believe there is still room for growth though, as there is with all relationships. He said we are supposed t leave our keys in our car down there. We have daily meetings in the mornings to get our department going. He began to get very short with me and I had only been working there for two weeks. He asked me "What can we do to make this workout and "What can he do so I don't feel this way in the future I simply asked him to treat me with the same respect he would like to be treated with by a peer or by a friend. He would not slow down or wait for me or check with me to see if I was with him or not. The next day he was telling me about how he was putting in tile in his kitchen and needed some help moving his refrigerator. He then said, "we aren't going to, just put a note on your windshield. Don is not in any kind of management position. He acted as if I owed him money for helping me get the job. her comment "in a joking manner "you can just make monthly payments of, lets say 400.


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