Stupids Nerds and Smarties

             Almost all high school students, smart or stupid, active or non-active, will be divided into one of three categories: Stupids, those that never study and nearly always fail, Nerds, those that study continuously and always have a perfect grade, and Smarties, those that study a lot and always get a good grade. Nearly everyone wishes that they could be as intelligent as a Nerd is, but have as much fun as a Stupid does. In a way, everyone wishes that they were a Smartie, because they are able to have fun on the weekends and still are able to get a good grade on the test the next Monday. Being a Smartie, a student that is a Nerd and a Stupid at the same time, is the best type of student to be.
             Stupids are named for being too stupid to even try to do well in school not because they are actually stupid, although some are. Hardly showing up to their classes, they still pass each grade. They never study and never do homework, yet somehow they still manage to make it to graduation. If they weren't too busy having fun by, playing pranks on Nerds, starting food fights, or doing who knows what while ditching school, than they probably would be able to receive a higher letter grade than "F" on at least one assignment. Even when they are assigned to work in a group, the Stupids still manage to get a failing grade. Don't they know that if a person in a group pretends to do some work, that the person still gets a passing grade? Why can't the Stupids figure this out? Maybe they spend too much time in the library cramming for all their college prep classes. Yeah right! A Stupid wouldn't be caught dead in a library, let alone a prep class. After all, a library is for those who know what a book is, and a Stupid never passed a class, with a high enough grade, to get into a college prep class. Because of their horrible grades, they never get to have fun by participating in extra curricular activities. They can't join clubs, play sports, or ...

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