How 9/11 changed america

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September 11th is the most tragic event and unforgettable day to Americans. Nineteen hijackers seized four commercial U.S. jets and crashed them into American symbols of the military and capitalism and shook the entire nation. As soon as it was evident that the massive destruction was an act of terrorists, everyone thought one thing: This Changes Everything. The attacks did change Americans: they became closer, more spiritual, less materialistic, but only for a while. However, lasting changes did occur in the nation’s economy and security system. In spite of terror and grief, Americans with utmost hope and compassion helped the persons in need. They prayed together and stood together. America fought against terrorists in Afghanistan, liberated the people of Afghanistan and helped in rebuilding their nation. The attacks of September 11th have made some people feel insecure, particularly the ones who lost their loved ones. People cared for their loved ones. Appreciation, gratitude and support to the fire fighters, the army and to the people who protect the country have increased. Prior to 9/11, people took freedom for granted and cou Continue...

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Due to increased security measures, passengers have to wait in long lines to undergo security checks. The airline industry hasn"tmt fully recovered since 911 and many airline companies have filed and continue to file for bankruptcy. However, the change did not last forever. The stock market, which was already on the verge of decline before the attacks, went down further. America experienced a recession that it took nearly 3 years for recovery. Immediately after the attacks, everyone felt spiritual, less materialistic, and realized that what really matters is loved ones. The current threat level alerts, the airport"tms and Metro"tms constant alerts for unattended and suspicious baggage and the shoe checks in the airport often remind people of the 911 attacks and the vulnerability of the nation to further attacks. Americans who were crazy about pop culture have changed. Patriotic albums were released, such as "The Rising" by Springsteen, "Freedom" by Paul McCartney, and "Let"tms Roll" by Neil Young. "The culture did change, but the change lasted for only a few months. The only differences-- less boy band, more rock-- are more a reflection of audience taste than changing attitudes. Slowly everyone"tms life came back to normal and so did the fun and thrills of entertainment. Of all the businesses impacted by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the airline industry may have been hit the hardest.


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