Charles Dickens

             Charles Dickens
             When one thinks of Charles Dickens the phrase “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” comes to mind. Charles Dickens was born on February 7, 1912 to John and Elizabeth Barrow Dickens. Dickens had four brothers and sisters. Dickens’ father was imprisoned in 1824 for debt. Dickens was twelve years old when he was sent to work at Warren’s Blacking Factory, while the rest of the family joined his father in the
             Marshalsea Prison. During this time he lived in a lodging house. These early experiences became a source of creative energy and it also made him a self-reliant, hardworking and dedicated writer. Dickens’ first published story appeared in 1835. He very often wrote under the name “Boz.” Dickens went on to publish such works as Oliver Twist, Great Expectaions, A Tale of Two Cities, A Christmas Carol and The Pickwick Papers. Dickens died on June 9, 1870. Dickens uses many different themes in his books. The most predominant themes are poverty, death and the corruption of wealth. These themes are seen in the books of Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities, and Oliver Twist. Dickens is able to write about these themes from real life experiences.
             Dickens uses the theme of poverty in his works. In Great Expectations, Pip is poor. Pip is and orphan who lives with his sister and her husband Joe Gargery. Pip meets Miss Havisham, who is a half-crazy old woman whose only purpose is to get revenge on men. She is angry with men because at her wedding her fiancé never showed up. She has not the left home since her wedding day. She lives with Estella whom she trains to break men’s hearts. Pip spends many months at Stasis Manor and is used as a training tool for Estella. Pip longs to be with Estella but she tells him that he is coarse and common. Pip vows to become a gentleman, worthy of Estella. Pip thinks that if he has money he will be a ...

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