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Bill March 28, 2000 Laws are made to maintain order by setting restrictions on conduct and to protect the rights of parties. There are three types of laws, which are: tort law, criminal law and contract law. Tort law is a civil wrong, criminal law is a public wrong and contract law is a wrong against a contract, written or oral. Tort law is the primary source for the authority of private security officers and the limitations on such authority. Tort law varies from state to state. The law of torts is found in both legislation and court developed by common law. Common law is a set of statutes, which have to be followed and rely on prior court decisions to help us decide on issues where there is no prior statue or how to interpret what a statue says. Tort law doesn’t apply specific authority for private security officers (PSO), but does define some limits on the conduct of PSO. This allows for injured parties to bring lawsuit for damages and injuries caused by the misconduct of PSO and/or any businesses and organizations associated with the situation in question. It restrains authority by threat of subsequent lawsuits. There are three types of torts that are: intentional, negligence and str Continue...

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In 1963 the Uniform Commercial Code, made uniform laws adopted in forty nine states governing sales contracts for goods, commercial paper, security interests, documents of title and securities transfers. This movement has focused attention in contract law to the various alarm application and their relationships to a business enterprise. Improvements in electronic alarm systems and seemingly reduce costs have led many businesses to install them in the last decade. I thought that the statement was ridiculous considering you have two college students on a Friday night who sounded liquored up, was not the brightest thing to do. Also an officer who was working at the campus bar was completely intoxicated when I went to check out how he was working. The terms of a contract between a business enterprise and a security service may limit the private security officer's authority and define more stringent standards of behavior than are defined in other bodies of law. There are several types of contractual arrangements that are important to the scope of authority of private security personnel. One of the faults that I observed was an incident, which involved two students who had gotten stuck in an elevator in the O'shea dormitory. In criminal law, an action is defined as a "social harm for which the offender is answerable to society (not an individual, as in tort law) and is punishable by law. Strict liability is dangerous activities and product liability, for example the PSO product is their conduct and if it is not suitable it may be liable to be sued. To be convicted of a crime the court must show that the person had mens rea and acts rea. The second legal concept is that a law must be clear and understandable so that an ordinary person will know what conduct is prohibited. My last fault with the NU security was that their director had very bad public relations. Intentional is when PSO intends to do something to make you injured.


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