Different Types of Gender in a Marriage

             Different Types of Gender in a Marriage
             In many marriages, a common reason for a divorce is different attitudes. If a couple do not get along, then there is no way that they are going to be able to continue their relationship. Arguments can start about differences about raising a child and roles that both the husband and wife must play to contribute to the family.
             In an argument, both the man and the woman always want to win the argument, so they continue to argue until one agrees with the other. Sometimes a man can be described as someone who is head of the house and makes all the rules because he is the one that pays all the bills. A woman can also feel like she is head of the house because she keeps the house clean and always has dinner ready every night for the man when he comes home from work. Strength constitutes masculinity because the man is able to protect his family if someone were to invade their house. Loving constitutes femininity because a woman is sometimes loving to her family and taking care of her children. Men and women’s traits can be learned from their parents because men and women will usually behave how their parents behaved towards them while they were growing up.
             There are also little differences that are constructed when raising a family because not everyone raises a family in the same way that they were raised. Sometimes the roles that men and women play are different because the man is usually working a full time job, while the woman is at home taking care of the family, cleaning the house, doing laundry, and making dinner. Women are not discriminated against in our society because a woman can go to college and get a higher paying job than any man. The majority of men in a family have a higher paying job across the nation because the college graduation rate for men is higher than for women. There are many reasons for a woman to drop out of school. Sometimes women have to drop out ...

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