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Is the Death Penalty Right or Wrong? Should we be able to execute people that have been convicted of murder or should we give them a chance to break out of jail and maybe kill other people. Well the Death Penalty has been around for a while ever since the Old West use to hang people for punishment. It is not cruel if you use the lethal injection but I could believe being electrocuted would hur Continue...

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The people for it will argue that if they killed some one why shouldn't they be killed. Science 1900 23 innocent people have been executed. That is a lot of people to put to death that haven't done anything wrong to be killed for. There for only the rich people could ovoid the death penalty and get life and have a chance to get out of jail. People are saying that you are doing the same thing as the person did to the victim and it is not morally right. Well some people can argue what would happen you sentience some on death row and he was innocent. Is the Death Penalty ethical or is it inhumane. A lawyer fee for a death penalty sentience is between 1. The people that are agents the death penalty are worry about what happens is they would execute some one that was innocent. People also say that it is inhuman to do that but what they did you the victim is also inhuman.


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