The Real Definition of Scary

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The Real Definition of Scary Did you ever wonder what is at the bottom of the ocean? Well, after my experiences, I could give you a very lengthy story. It’s a deep and scary place, full of secrets and strange creatures. I was surprised to so much life. There were fish and eels speeding around with other unrecognizable creatures all with lights on some part of their body. It was kind of noisy with all the swooshing and swimming by, and it was almost like an underwater Rt. 78, complete with deadly accidents and speeding drivers. However I felt pretty safe and confident in my solid steel boat, especially in such an odd place were the chance of running into a creature with banana sized teeth was unusually high. Boy was I wrong about being safe. Continue...

I passed creature after creature with exquisite glowing abilities or lights on their bodies in the oddest of places. Long huge lobster claws grabbed my boat and shook it around. My body was almost sensing that something was going to happen. I even passed a creature which really caught my attention because it had a light switch on its stomach, and it flicked the switch up with a tail like substance and a light somewhere in its body went on. It was very light which was odd for the bottom of the ocean, but it was still bright. I was an icicle at the bottom of the ocean. All of a sudden, an enormous creature swam by. I was tossed up again and banged my head on a piece of heavy equipment which knocked me out, and made everything turn pitch black. My boat sped into an underwater cave. It flew by again, and I saw it plainly. From what I saw, it had carrot sized teeth, and unmarked white eyes. It was day five of exploration for me; I was a marine biologist by the way. I was entering the bottom parts of the deepest trench in the world, when my blood turned icy cold. Everyone says how murky and dark the bottom of the ocean is, but this was like being in a dark room with small patches of sunlight on the creatures and fishes down there.