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Romeo and Juliet is said to be one of the greatest tragedies ever told while Shakespeare in Love is said to be a comedy about the greatest love story almost never told. Already you can see some similarity in the stories. Shakespeare in Love is a story about the man that supposedly wrote Romeo and Juliet. There is a lot of reference to many of Shakespeare’s plays and actual life in Shakespeare in Love but at the same time it has a lot of resemblance to the story of Romeo and Juliet. I wonder sometimes if Shakespeare came up with Romeo and Juliet from first hand experience. And that is what I’m going to do, simply compare and contrast Romeo and Juliet and Shakespeare in Love. What is the foremost similarity between the two tales? Both stories are eagerly set around love and the obstacles you have to face when you’re in love. They are also both centere Continue...

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d on a young man and woman who are at different stages in life. The woman has to marry someone out of the society"tms wishes but she herself is a cheery, full of life and love character. But for a person who enjoys Shakespeare and knows his plays, it is simply an enjoyable and colorful comedy I would like to believe that what happens in Shakespeare in Love did actually happen to Shakespeare at one point in his life; that he found a true love bound to society and through his own grief wrote another man"tms tragedy for stage. The movie runs over a period of a couple of weeks whereas Romeo and Juliet expire in a matter of days. In Romeo and Juliet that would be the family feuds, and in Shakespeare in Love it would be the competition between the two theatres and their fight against the vindictive government. I would also like to point out that the man to marry the heroine is in fact an antagonist in Shakespeare in Love but in Romeo and Juliet, he is simply in love. Romeo and Juliet"tms lives are also centered on their family and their values, in Shakespeare in Love their families merely appear in the movie. Both Juliet and Viola have a strong love and support system coming from their Nurse. The movie was made very recently, so you can see how it"tms just an account and a fiction half made up and half taken from Shakespeare"tms plays. There are many similarities and differences between the two stories and I truly believe that one could compare and contrast to the smallest detail. In the end the heroine does marry the antagonist in Shakespeare in Love but in Romeo and Juliet, she is too far-gone. In both stories there is a main conflict arising since the beginning. The man is an artsy, hopeful and soulful type as well in both stories. The characters are much older in Shakespeare in Love and much wiser.


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