Respiratory Therapy

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The field I wish to pursue is that of respiratory therapy. When I was a child was when my first interest in respiratory therapy was aroused. As a child I was sick a great deal with various lung ailments that required frequent hospitalizations. I would always revel in the fact that how intelligent and courtesy the respiratory therapist were that took care of me. They were so good at what they did and they always made me “feel better.” I wanted to be like them. That thought had never deviated since I decided that was what I wanted to do. (1)Respiratory therapy is a result of specialization trends of the late 60’s in health care. At first referred to as “inhalation therapy”, respiratory practitioners did very little. They were initially one the job trainees, trained by nurses, who did medial chores that nurses didn’t have time or didn’t want to do. This consisted of a lot of the time consuming activities such as setting up oxygen, delivering IPPB’s, ultrasonic nebulizers, chest physiotherapy and setting up machinery such as croup tents and ventilators. These technical chores involved no interpretation of the reasoning behind these mechanisms but only how to “monkey” the steps involved in performing them. Continue...

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"Future Trends Impacting Healthcare and Respiratory Care. At that time only a minimal amount of autonomy was present with this certification, however the prestige was greater in that typically only supervisors and directors were "registered. This "early practitioner had absolutely no autonomy as they had only technical skills and other employees such as nursing normally surpassed those skills. These therapists typically have no initiative or drive and in my opinion have no real interest in patient care. The RRT or registered respiratory therapist indicated a higher level of understanding of reparatory skills and typically involved an increase in pay scale. RC Clinicians- and Not Just Managers- Need to Understand Managed Care. No body likes to admit they're wrong, especially physicians. Many nursing schools began to look at respiratory therapy as invaluable and began not to emphasize on teaching what the respiratory practitioners already did. However, as long as a heiracle system is present there will always be instances of debate and ridicule when addressing your "superiors. The state licensures typically stopped all hiring of OJT's and often times limited the scope of the practicing OJT technicans. This licensure also has a supervisory aspect in which each individuals work is subject to review.


Independence and Respiratory Therapists
not so qualified would demand the highest level of initial professional education and periodic recertification of respiratory therapy knowledge and practice. (9169 37 )

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Patient Diagnosis & Suggested Treatment
Qu.1 This patient is in respiratory acidosis because of his emphysema. The patient needs oxygen therapy to counteract his low pO2 level, and IV bicarbonate to (1483 6 )