Thesis on The Chosen, The Importance of Relationships

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The Importance of Relationships On a journey through life, it is our relationships that influence us. Relationships are key to Chaim Potok’s novel, The Chosen. These relationships consist of the friendship of Danny and Reuven, the relationship between Reuven and his father, and the relationship of Danny and his father. The most important relation is the connection between Danny and Reuven. The fact that Danny and Reuven are both of the Jewish faith, but Danny is Hasidic shows that they are alike, but different in many ways. One difference is how they are raised. Danny Saunders' father, Reb Saunders, chooses to raise his son in silence because Danny is next in line to be the Tzaddik. As a result of this, he feels isolated from his father and feels like he cannot talk to him. Danny does not want this, so Reuven helps him get along with his father by encouraging him to tell R Continue...

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Danny does get around to telling his father about his career choice and his father blesses him, but is not happy about it. Reb may have felt that this is the right way to raise a Tzaddik. This appreciation is revoked when Reb Saunders casts a silence between the two of them for Mr. Reuven appreciated Reb Saunders and Danny for this. Reuven and his father, David Malter, share a loving, understanding and caring relationship. Malter shows this love saying, "Next time you are out so late you will call, yes I was ready to telephone Reb Saunders to find out what happened(139). Even though they love each other, it is not fully shown until the end. He realizes why he was raised that way. He feels singled out because this is not the way his father treats his brother or sister. Reuven does want to be a rabbi, so Danny brings him home to his father to study the Talmud. eb Saunders about his wishes to be a psychologist. When they are at the library, Reuven also encourages Danny not to give up when trying to read Freud. Reuven makes a strong effort to go to the hospital to visit his father.


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