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FLASHING RED LIGHTS “Help, help!” cried the little girl, “ my mommy is on the floor and she’s not breathing.” The 911 dispatcher tried to calm the little girl. She told her that everything is going to be ok and that the paramedics were on their way. As soon as the paramedics arrived they quickly took control of the situation without a moment to spare. In no time little Jessica’s mommy was breathing again. Critical thinking is a tool that is used in everyday life. Critical thinking doesn’t always happen when you’re reading, it happens everyday on the job. A critical thinker is defined as someone who is a self-motivated leader who is inquisitive and eager to learn more by being open-minded. Elements put to use when critical thinking are interpretation, analysis, and evaluation. A critical thinker is someone who evaluates rather than assumes. Critical thinking is a process that requires time, patience, and diligence. One person that I believe displays all of these techniques when saving people’s lives is Adam Hect an EMT (emergency medical technician). The four characteristics that Adam displays in order to be classified as a criti Continue...

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In Adam's job he uses critical thinking constantly. There are many elements that go into the thinking process and many factors that determine the outcome. So as you can see critical thinking is something used in everyday life and is helpful when you are making a decision between life and death. Application is the actual process that you use after applying your knowledge and analysis to the situation. Did he make the right decision based on his knowledge or would there have been a better solution In Adams case, Critical thinking is a quick process that needs immediate action taken. Without Adam's knowledge he would have had no idea of how to get Jessica's mom to breathe again. When he gets a call to go to an accident he has to prepare himself for the worst but he is not able to prejudge the situation until he actually gets to the scene and is able to look at all of the elements. So in Adam's situation of rescuing Jessica's mom, he had to look at the situation. Knowledge is important to Adam and his job because knowledge is what he bases his decisions on. In Adam's case the actual process of the CPR would be considered the application. He doesn't have the chance to sit back and closely analyze the situation and choose an option. Knowledge is the first important step when critical thinking. It is the who, what, when, where, and how. cal thinker are knowledge, analysis, evaluation, and application.


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