Regionalism and Humor in Huck Finn

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Effective message through dialect, regionalism, and humor in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Some writers use dialect, regionalism, and humor in their literary works to enhance their themes. Mark Twain’s ability to write in the vernacular allows him to capitalize on humor and dialect. In the novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, the author conveys an effective message through dialect, regionalism, and humor in southern culture. “No one in the early days of Clemens’ fame would have argued against the assertion that he emerged to prominence as a literary comedian, or as the phrase had it, ‘funny man’”(Blair 19). Mark Twain brought about a joy to a reader that no other could. In his own time he was known all over the world for his humor and other literary techniques. “In short, Mark Twain who emerges from this study is a man of letters practicing his art, a humorist who knows what he is doing and making the most of his materials”(Ferguson 243). Twain first got his fame by being a literary comedian. But him being a southwestern humorist, his writing also flourished in the use of local color. Twain did not only contribute comedy to his writing but also an appreciati Continue...

Twain was not only a comedian in his literary works, but also in his speaking and his way of looking at life. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is known as the greatest flood of dialect literature that America has ever known (Blair 24). on of what he had to offer (Blair 25). I mean the perceptive quality of humor. The talk was noted as a poetic art, which reproduced the rhythms of conversation but also imagery for purposes of laughter. Twain proves himself as a true humorist by making the entire book amazing. He used contrasts between realistic and fantastic passages (Blair 26). Twain was not only a fictionist but also one of great humor. The story through Huck's eyes is different than what the story would be if someone else would have told the story. The way he recalls the details also creates humor. Twain displays his exquisite niche with literary humor through his many works in that he displays a great craftsmanship. Humor plays a definite role in each of Twain's works. Huck speaking in vernacular allows the reader to identify with a unique humor, it allows the reader to see Twain poking fun at society. Jim also uses a great deal of Pike Country dialect in his pronunciation of his words.