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television vs the printing press

Justin Loftis MCOM 110 October 1999 Television vs. The Printing Press Title Bout Among Media Industries The television and the printing press are two very essential and widely used media products. In order to determine which one could be named the superior of the two I have researched and studied both topics extensively .In this essay I will explain why I have come to the conclusion that the printing press is more influential, vital, and educational to society than the television. How can a five hundred-year-old printer be influential? I can answer this question in one word, literacy. What do literacy and influence have in common? The printed material produced by Johannes Gutenberg sparked a curiosity that actually motivated people to be educated. The availability of printed material was very low. Reproduction of words and (The first important book made in the west with moveable type, the forty-two lined bible, the most influential book in the world) images had been so expensive and time consuming to create that only a minute percent of the population could even get their hands on it, let alone understand it. By bringing together the basic concepts of printing, Gutenberg started a world revolution. With moveable type that could be reused and a press for impressions that could be used a plethora of times, the printing press made it possible for publications and reading material to be more abundant and quickly produced. So, the effects of Gutenberg's cause are the spread of ideas and news and information, which shaped the world's thinking. The influential outcome of the printing press is the words and images it produces. They influence our thoughts, actions and our lives. The reason I believe the printing press is vital to our society is the simple fact that we use it so much. Our currency is produced by the printing press. Our mailing system as far as stamps are concerned is another product of the printing press....

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