Dulce et decorum est

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Dulce et decorum est The poem is one of the most powerful ways to convey an idea or opinion. Through vivid imagery and compelling metaphors, the poem gives the reader the exact feeling the author wanted. The poem "Dulce et Decorum Est," an anti-war poem by Wilfred Owen, makes great use of these devices. This poem is very effective because of its excellent manipulation of the mechanical and emotional parts of poetry. Owen's use of exact diction and vivid figurative language emphasizes his point, showing that war is terrible and devastating. Furthermore, the utilization of extremely graphic imagery adds even more to his argument. Through the effective use of all three of these tools, this poem conveys a strong meaning and persuasive argument. The poem's use of excellent diction helps to more clearly define what the author is saying. Words like "guttering", "choking", and "drowning" not only show how the man is suffering, but that he is in terrible pain that no human being should endure. Other words like writhing and froth-corrupted say precisely how the man is being tormented. Moreover, the phrase "blood sho Continue...

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The most important means of developing the effectiveness of the poem is the graphic imagery. The troops were torn out of their nightmarish walk and surrounded by gas bombs. The graphic images displayed here are profoundly affecting and can never be forgotten. It not only tells the reader how the troops will never forget the experience, but also how they are frightening tales, ones that will the troops will never be able to tell without remembering the extremely painful experience. Bibliography This is by Majid Khan, from BCB. It shows troops being brutally slaughtered very vividly, evoking images in the reader's mind. what we want to say more vividly and forcefully. As Perrine says, people use metaphors because they say ". Right off in the first line, he describes the troops as being "like old beggars under sacks. The poem ties it all together in the last few lines. Also, the fact that the gassed man was "flung" into the wagon reveals the urgency and occupation with fighting.


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