Strengths and Weakneses of The North and South

             There were many strengths of both the union and confederate states. But the most abundant strengths belonged to the Union. Such was the very large population. This enabled the Yanks to have more people to go to war, more people to work the industry, more people to supply goods by farming them, and most important of all, they had plenty more reserves to send to the war effort. Another strength of the Union was the Navy. The navy could set up a blockade of ships to intercept the goods traded between the South and Europe. This would put great strain on the Confederates; they would have to ration all of the supplies, and would die from starvation/ living conditions. And since 65% of the farmland in America was found in the North, the South had less means to find food. The Yanks had 90% of the factories in America; they manufactured iron, coal, copper, and sulfur. The North also had one of the best political leaders in the country, Abraham Lincoln.
             As for the South, there were not as many advantages. Although there were a few strengths, there eventually weren’t enough to repel the Union army. The Rebels were skilled in basic survival skills such as horse riding, hunting, and primitive weapons use. The south also had the better generals/military leaders, because most of the generals that were trained so well were natives to the south. The Rebels were fighting on their home ground, and had to protect their homes and way of life. They would fight for their family. And, because of the North blockading the cargo ships coming and going from Europe the supply lines were enormously short.
             On the whole the South just didn’t have enough advantages to overcome the Northern armies. What the rebels lacked in food, people, land, and a monetary system, they gained in leaders. But with the Yanks many advantages such as vast railway lines, agriculture, population, political system, leaders, and abundant resources, the South just could not overcome

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