Heroes and Hooligans

             Cruel kings, dangerous monsters, and vicious villains are the reasons we need heroes for. Heroes are the ones people root for and believe in. They are the ones who will save people from total annihilation by the evil threatening to eradicate them. People call and depend on heroes to save them when in need. No matter what society or how long ago you lived everyone had a hero to count on and give them hope. Heroes are smart and guide people along their lives and help friends in need. A great example of a hero is Beowulf.
             Beowulf was a hero in the times of the Angles-Saxons. The story of Beowulf is still told today because he was such a great hero. He is very brave and noble, like before he fights the evil dragon he says, “When he comes to me I mean to stand, not run from his shooting flames, stand till fate decides which one of us wins. My heart is firm, my hands calm. I need no hot words.” (anonymous, 674) Beowulf was also a great hero because he was always confident like when he was going to fight the dragon, “Then Beowulf rose, still brave, still strong and with his shiel at his side, and mail-shirt on his breast, strode calmly, confidently, toward the tower…”(anonymous, 689) Beowulf was loyal to the king and his people, the Geats, could trust Beowulf to be honest and trust him to get the job done. After Beowulf eradicated the loathsome, grotesque, and sinister Grendel he left his arm dangling from the ceiling of Herot “No Dane doubted the victory.” (anonymous, 514) and greatly appreciated Beowulf. All this shows Beowulf is a majestic hero.
             Modern Day heroes are different from heroes of the days of yore. People and times have changed. We no longer need a hero to fight the evil that runs rampant. Celebrities are looked up to now more than superheroes. We now idolize people who have the same interest as we do. Our heroes now are people we look up to and dream of being. Rick McCrank is a modern day h...

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