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A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS A picture is worth a thousand words. During the 1860 election Republican presidential nominee, Abraham Lincoln was hoping this common expression was factual. Lincoln told one supporter, "By the lesson of the past, and the united voice of all discreet friends, I am neither (to) write or speak a word for the public." According to a presidential historian, Arthur Schlesinger, "Lincoln was the least active of the four candidates and the only one who did not make a single speech." Lincoln's campaign posters were a major factor in his win of the 1860 election because they expressed his desire for the nation through symbols, during this dividing time period. These symbols focused on patriotic issues that appealed to many Northerners and immigrants. "…The parties (of 1860) held countless rallies, parades, picnics, barbecues, pole raisings, and other events to attract and entertain the masses. Flags, banners, and likenesses of the candidates decorated buildings and were strung across the streets in countless communities" (Schlesinger). One way the Republican Party made up for Abraham Lincoln's quietness was through his campaign posters. While the Republicans were busy nominati Continue...


    .... A picture is worth a thousand words, this saying fits perfectly for the Ancestors of Christ painting. The resting child also represents humanism. .... (456 2 )

    .... He chose the title based on the phrase, "a picture is worth a thousand words." He decided on his title because the book contained a thousand words. .... (400 2 )

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    .... It was said once that a picture is worth a thousand words. Those thousand words are being manipulated by who has taken the picture. .... (791 3 )

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    A picture is worth a thousand words, but no one ever says how much history, emotion, thoughts, and gut wrenching reactions some pictures are worth as well. .... (843 3 )

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    .... The Chinese saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" masterfully describes the way in which Nast portrayed his cartoons. He .... (454 2 )

One poster had Lincoln's face on an American flag. According to Origins of the American Civil War, "most Northerners thought that owning slaves was wrong" and "Some of those Northerners loudly disagreed with the South's laws and beliefs concerning slavery. ng Lincoln for their ticket, the Democrats split into two parties over a disagreement concerning the issue of slavery and new western territories. The Republican Party first focused on the well-educated white Northerners. Origins of the American Civil War. Lincoln's face was in a circle inside the blue square surrounded by stars. By seeing a man who was laboring, like them, and then also running for President lets them associate Lincoln with their lifestyles. Breckinridge who called for the adoption of a congressional slave code for the new territories. Furthermore the Republicans built up Abraham Lincoln's image as the common hard working man who was for "the people. The Northerners also realized the huge male immigrant population, which was a major factor in this election.


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that Carlson (1999, p. 182) attributes to an article appearing in the trade paper Printers Ink in 1927: "One picture is worth ten thousand words." A core value (567 2 )

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the movie. His experience helped him to understand that a picture is worth more than a thousand words of dialogue. According to (1849 7 )

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While it is true that our language mirrors the sexism in our society, it is also true that one picture is worth a thousand words. (1929 8 )

acquisition and learning. To young children, a picture is worth a thousand words--as the Chinese say. Therefore, visual aids are (2956 12 )

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While a picture is worth a thousand words, small pictures are often poor quality and fuzzy. Large pictures take too much time to download. (6057 24 )

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In one school a poster in the teacher's lunchroom shows a cute picture of two chipmunks hugging with the caption "A hug is worth a thousand words, but is it (2359 9 )