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Louis Pasteur My report is about Louis Pasteur and about the things he invented and/or discovered. About who he is and about he’s life. I am also going to talk about why the things were invented and/or discovered. Louis Pasteur was born December 27, 1822, in Dole, France. “He was the son of a tanner.” In 1867 Pasteur left his job of director of scientific studies to focus on his research. “In1868, a brain s Continue...

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    The Technological and Scientific Developments in the 1800s
    .... his first vaccine. In the late 1800s Louis Pasteur revealed the scientific principle behind inoculation. He discovered that bacteria .... (1326 5 )

    .... An effective vaccine for animals was developed in 1881 by Louis Pasteur. In humans, the disease appears in both external and internal forms. .... (1419 6 )

    .... Later he began growing Anthrax in his laboratory for research but found no cure. Within a decade Louis Pasteur developed a viable anthrax vaccine. .... (2415 10 )

    Civil War Medicine
    .... Unfortunately, the war occurred just a few years before Louis Pasteur discovered the role of germs in infection; doctors dug bullet fragments out with unwashed .... (1445 6 )

    Animal research
    .... Furthermore, the profitability of vivisection also became evident when Louis Pasteur found the vaccine for rabies in 1885 and prevented rabies from eradicating .... (1847 7 )

    louis pasteur
    louis pasteur. Louis Pasteur Born December 27, 1822 in France, he received his early education at the College of Communal of Arbois. .... (1060 4 )

troke partially paralyzed Pasteur, despite his poor health, he continued his work. So that people who do get rabies can get rid of them. "Pasteur find that rabies were transmitted by agents so small they could dot be seen under a microscope revealing the world of viruses. Louis Pasteur discovered rabies on Monday January 6,1885. " Pasteur died in 1895 and was buried in a tomb at Ecole Normale. He discovered rabies in the year of 1885. They wouldn"tmt have to worry about getting sick and maybe even dieing. He discovered that diluted forms of microbes could be used for immunization against more virulent forms of microbes. That way they don"tmt give them to anything or anybody. Pasteur developed "pasteurization" to pre vent harmful microbes perishable food products use heat to destroy microbe with out destroying food. He changed hospital practices to help prevent the spread of disease by microbes. Pasteur came up with numerous medications and scientific discoveries. I talked about Louis Pasteur throughout my report and about the things he invented andor discovered. And they can also get rid of the rabies if the dogs get them.


Louis Pasteur
Louis Pasteur. The life and times of Louis Pasteur. Retrieved at: http://www.louisville. edu/library/ekstrom/special/pasteur/ Hyperlab. (2004). Louis Pasteur. (1061 4 )

Spontaneous Generation, Pasteur's Methods
Pasteur's Modern History Sourcebook: Louis Pasteur (1822-1895): Germ Theory and Its Applications to Medicine and Surgery, 1878, translated by HC Ernst contains (1185 5 )

Microbe Hunters by Paul de Kruif A Summariza
51). Microbe Hunters' third chapter is predominantly about Louis Pasteur. It notes the scientist's upbringing and accomplishments. (2363 9 )

modes. However, there is a pre-exposure and post-exposure vaccine available for rabies, originally developed by Louis Pasteur. Yet (2156 9 )

The Development of Microbiology This
Louis Pasteur, a French scientist, laid the basis for the germ theory of disease, and also developed the technique of Pasteurization. (6790 27 )

Polio in the US Introduction This r
Bacterial sources of infections were discovered by scientists like Louis Pasteur, and principles such as sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition were becoming known (5079 20 )