The strengths and weaknesses of the American Political system

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Identify and comment on what you see to be the strengths and/or weaknesses of the American system as far as the topics in this section are concerned. The constitutional system of the United States is a puzzling aspect of an American's life. Many do not understand. Some think they understand it and with their slight grasp of it they try to offer solutions to better it. I would like to offer a broad concept of the American constitutional system and its subcategories, which are the executive, legislative and judicial branches, and what I have learned about them. In this paper, I will also present the strengths and weaknesses concerning each category. To begin to grasp the constitutional system, one must first comprehend why it was chosen and why the forefathers composed it this way. Because most Americans, at that time, owned guns and were not formerly educated, the forefathers feared allowing them to rule (lecture 9/27/99). So they took it upon themselves, the well educated, to forge a new democracy. The forefathers chose a mixed government that represented three existing forms of government: a monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy (lecture 9/27/99). The President would represent the elected monarchy, the Senate Continue...

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He was brought upon the imperial presidency, which allowed him to assume a few falsities. Hork states that "most members of the Court seem to be gnostics firmly believing they have access to wisdom denied the rest of us. This superman identity arose from the Nixon presidency. This in the long run has affected the president's role. Schools were closed because whites did not want blacks in their schools. I believe that it was sheer genius. These are distinct weaknesses for the judicial branch but the legislative and executive branch suffers from certain weaknesses. They even so far as to overriding present desires when they " declare a statute unconstitutional" (Hork). Many Justices are arrogantly self ordained, impervious to arguments about its proper behavior, and unrestrained in its loose interpretation of the constitution which all can lead to a disastrous in for the reliability of the Supreme Court and its duty to reinforce democracy. Committee chairmen exercise their power by making policies and thus decentralizing the process of legislation (lecture 112999). would represent the aristocracy, and the House of representatives would represent the democracy. Another reason why the system worked so well was because the forefathers intended it not to work rapidly (lecture 92799). Virginia Military Institute had been an all-male school and it was protected from not admitting women by an equal protection clause for 128 years.


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