Indians Immigrating to America

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Their homeland has the second largest population in the world, yet in America they form one of our smallest minorities. Americans were influenced by their beliefs long before the first immigrants arrived, and an important interchange of ideas has continued to the present day. Although many came to America as early as the turn of the century, they were denied citizenship until a congressional act granted it in 1946. Now they are students and teachers in our universities; they are artists and writers, musicians and scientists. Their contributions to industry, commerce, and agriculture have been valuable to America and to the world. Who are these people? They are the East Indians in America. Asian Indians have supplied innumerable contributions to the culture and well being of the United States; the majority of these contributions are geared notably to engineering and the sciences. The reason for immigration in the period from 1830-1890 is quite clear. India was in a great shape. However when the British took over India, they depleted the country of all her wealth and gave her poor citizens no choice but to leave. The main reason why everybody wants to go to the United States is because if they would go somewhere else, like France Continue...

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Nowadays with the growing Chinese restaurants, Indian grocery stores, and European languages is school, etc. His romantic approach to conducting and his outstanding technical ability have been praised by critics and enjoyed by audiences in many nations. When he applied for entry to the United States, Tagore encountered difficulties and when he finally made it to the country, he experienced racial prejudice in Los Angeles. In traditional Indian culture, dating is unheard of; boys and girls have very little contact with one another before marriage, which is arranged by their parents. Yet, at school and in the larger world, young people feel the pull of American culture and its values, which include questioning authority and making one's own decisions. Asian Americans: Emerging Minorities. Shankar teaches sitar at the University of California's Los Angeles Department of Ethno-Musicology (Pavri 102). In addition, East Indians are owners of machine shops, photo studios, restaurants, and many other successful businesses, including import-export firms and gift shops (Handlin 52). Those who were Muslims did not eat pork. In North America, on the other hand, marriage is regarded as a personal choice based on love. or Japan although they would get higher wages, there is much greater chance of getting harassed, arrested or deported in those countries as opposed to the United States (Takai 32). and other immigrants, the East Indians represented a big group of those people who wanted to be part of the "American culture".