Muddy Road

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Fictions Essay Assignment “Lessons Carried Across the Road” In the story of “Muddy Road” we are introduced to two monks, which the author, who is anonymous, develops these two characters Tanzan and Ekido. These two monks do not share the same beliefs as one another. The story starts off with two monks walking down a muddy road in the middle of a rain shower. As the monks approach a turn in the road they spot a beautiful young girl who is trying to cross the road but doesn’t want to get all muddy, because she is in her nice silk kimono and sash. Tanzan sees that the girl is in need of help and he does the proper thing to do and carries her across the road. After Tanzan carries the young girl across the road, Ekido is speechless. When the two monks reach the temple Ekido and Tanzan begin to argue about the recent encounter with the young girl. Lastly the author finishes the story with Tanzan asking a question to Ekido and leaving the reader to question what happens next. The author uses an argument to show that even monks have different values. The writer also utilizes the appearance and behavior of the two characters to alter the way the reader views them. The literary device that the author uses to make the youn Continue...

He does so by placing a young, beautiful girl in the pouring rain in a silk kimono. From that you can tell that Tanzan is more outgoing since he went over and helped out the young girl. Conversation was overall the most important literary device out of the three that the author used, because in the conversation came an argument between the two characters which made the story touching to the audience. The theme of this story is that everyone needs help. This is why the author makes Ekido seem jealous of that fact. You see that the two monks who we think share the same beliefs, but in fact they share none of the same beliefs. It is just like opening the door for a lady. The girl is a temptation for the two monks. Due to the fact that she is in a silk kimono and sash in the rain and the author still makes her look beautiful to these monks. Once they reach the temple he confronts Tanzan and asks "We monks don't go near females, (68) he told Tanzan, "especially not young and lovely ones. Tanzan is the kind of person who sticks to the rules and doesn't go outside them. Ekido would be the teacher trying to educate Tanzan the reasons of life and the way of the monks. The relationship between the two monks is just like a teacher student relationship would be. He is just helping her out and than moving on with this life. He does so by having this lovely girl who is out in just her silk kimono and sash in the mud and pouring rain.