Marriages Now and Then

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Marriage customs in the United States have changed dramatically over the years. Marriage is the legal union between a man and a woman. Originally, marriages were not based on love between two people, but on a social or business partnership between two families. However, today’s marriage functions less as a social or business interaction and more as a source of intimacy for the individuals involved. Today society believes that individuals have the right to decide whom they want to marry. There still exist in some parts of the world two types of marriages: arranged marriages and marriages based on love. Couples in the United States have the option of selection of a spouse by themselves, while others prefer to get help from someone else, like their parents, dating services, or a matchmaker. The modern view of marriage is very different from the traditional views. In the United States marriage selections, today, are similar to those of the past, yet today’s selection of a spouse in marriage makes a distinct emphasis on choice, courtship and convenience. In the past years marriage was not based on two people falling in love. The parents generally arranged a marriage for their children when the children were quit young. Traditio Continue...

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Although in either instance, the relationship is still arranged. Unlike colonial times, people choose their mate through common similarities they share with another person. In reality the concepts of prearranged marriages and present day Internet dating agencies are similar. In past history, the woman had a very little, if at all, decision in presiding to choose her husband. These arranged marriages usually benefited both families by increasing wealth or power for each family. Arranged marriages were very common for people in the upper class. Arranged marriages were predominant in the past and people appear to be falling into these commitments in the present. The idea of marrying because of love became popular as communication between communities in the United States improved. A person has the right to choose someone they love and cherish. Past and present marriage customs show both contrasts and comparisons to selecting a spouse. In most instances it is a service provided by an agency or a good friend. Although prearranged marriages appear so different to Americans today, these marriages also developed love, procreated and supported each other possibly more successfully than many of the "love marriages. Today couples use agencies or their friends to seek a companion. Thus, the arranged marriages were the ideal way of preserving a social status in the community. The person seeking the relationship is not choosing a mate through his or her own personal viewpoint.


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