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Conscience is a judgement of reason whereby the human person recognizes the moral quality of a concrete act that he or she is going to perform. The definition of conscience is best portrayed through Thomas More. In the movie A Man for All Seasons, Saint Thomas More demonstrates his moral conscience in many ways. Saint Thomas demonstrates his moral conscience in a time when all others have given in to the pleasures, materialism, and corruption of this time. Saint Thomas is a character who puts away worldly possessions in order to serve God. Saint Thomas More was a highly positioned judge and counselor in the court of the King. He later became the Chancellor of England. Saint Thomas was often tempted with bribes while acting as a judge. These bribes were to influence Thomas's court ruling. Thomas was once given a silver chalice by a woman who hoped to sway Thomas's court decision. Because Thomas care nothing about material possessions he gave it away to Richard Rich. Richard Rich was a young man who was looking for a court position. Thomas, however, had denied Richard's recommendation because he felt Richard could not handle the temptations associated with political jobs. Also, Thomas does not allow Will Roper to ma Continue...

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Time after time Thomas is asked to approve of the King's marriage but Thomas always refuses for reasons that he will not tell. The King's people are so disgusted with Thomas that he can't even get a boat ride home and is forced to walk. For this the King was very displeased. He is put into solitary confinement. Finally, he is taken out and but on trial for not pledging the oath of loyalty to the King. Thomas put his family aside in order to serve the Lord. Thomas finally proclaims why he had disagreed with the King's divorce and the Church of England. " For Thomas More to stand in what he so strongly believed in is remarkable. This was because the King wanted a son to carry on his legacy. At this time Saint Thomas had been appointed Chancellor of England by the previous one, Cardinal Wolsey, who Thomas had moral differences with. Thomas also suffers the loss of great friends over his beliefs. As watchers of the movie we are led to believe that it was because of his strong moral values. Later in the movie Thomas is interrogated by Oliver Cromwell. This is why I think the movie is called A Man for All Seasons.


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