What Makes A Good Teacher?

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A question that has become very familiar around the education department is about what makes a good teacher. There are many excellent teachers around today but there are also those that make a bad name for teachers. There are a lot of opinions about what makes a teacher a good one. There are also those comments about what makes a teacher a bad one. There are those people in America that believe that teachers should possess different characteristics than others. All teachers have their own strategies about how a teacher should teach. They all have their own ways about how to create a better environment for students to better learn in. A lot of time has been spent thinking about the art of teaching as a result of the ever-changing context of the profession. There are many factors that play a role in how people perceive the subject of what makes a good teacher. For instance, the sizes of the classroom or students differ from school to school. A lot of different opinions come from different schools as a result of this. In different schools with different students there are differences in styles, personalities, goals, and different interactions. Teachers have Continue...

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Some people have good opinions on how a good teacher should be and some people don't. A good teacher can be described in many ways. What does it take to be a good teacher This question will always be answered in the future with varying results. There is nothing wrong with change. The teacher should always be prepared for students not to know something instead of being unprepared and not understanding their problems and weaknesses. Teachers will not always be able to guarantee success to every single student in the classroom but will be able to do their absolute best to be a good teacher. There are those opinions and qualities that all good teachers posses and there are those that are debatable and disagreeable. Many people expect a good teacher to do everything in their power to meet the needs of their students. The teacher's purpose is to teach and for the students it is to learn. If a style of teaching is old and out of style and people are finding faults in it, then what is wrong with trying a different method of teaching. Some people always expect a "good teacher to perfect in every single aspect of the profession of teaching. All of these factors play a huge role in how people perceive a teacher. For teachers to have a sense of purpose they must meet the expectations of the students and to prepare them for their future beyond the classroom. to play different roles to meet the different needs of students.


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