Plato: Three Parts of the Soul

             The soul’s justice has several important aspects to it such as reasoning, spirited, and an appetitive. The reasoning part of the soul desires truth, the spirited part desires honor, and the appetitive part desires everything else. All three parts work with one another to keep each other in line.
             Reasoning is the king among the three aspects of the soul. Its primary duty is to contain the appetitive’s desires. Spirit is basically the assistant to the king in providing support in containing the appetitive part. Among the producing class, the soul’s most common aspect is the money loving, and money hungry part, or the appetite. If the soul is overtaken by his appetite then the soul as a whole would attempt to obtain his desires.
             The same goes for the other two elements of the soul, as well. If the soul is driven by spirit then the goal and desire would be to achieve honor and if the soul is driven by reason then its desire would be to obtain knowledge and truth.
             The three aspects of the soul can be compared with our mind, heart, and body. When competing in sports or any type of activity, it requires these three elements to be present. Our mind executes certain skills to succeed in a game or to accomplish the task at hand. It tells us what to do, and how to do it. When times are difficult during the game, our heart begins to assist our mind to accomplish what it initially intended to do such as winning the game, scoring, making a good play, etc. While all of these functions are taking place, our body may have grown tired and weary, so in order to keep the body going, we must combine our mind with our hearts and keep our body’s desire from giving out. If our body does give out, then our mind and our hearts would also follow. They would technically die or anything, but they would have to oblige by what the body desires to do. Typically with our mind and heart working together, the body would overcome its des...

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