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Going Postal

In his article “Going Postal,” Tony Schwartz primarily deals with the negative aspects of today’s “world of email.” Schwartz focuses on the overwhelming factor of email, the distraction, and the addiction of email to express his views on this subject. In “Going Postal,” Tony Schwartz proves the overwhelming isolation of email by giving real life situations. Email overwhelms people by barging in message after message until it finally takes over what they have been doing and even what they should be doing. Schwartz says, “Suddenly it seems to have invaded my life, an intermittent but relentless demand on my attention from early in the morning until shortly before sleep.” Email is on the rise in everyone’s life. This vicious pastime has intruded itself by taking over some people’s daily routine. Tony Schwartz interviewed a man named Robert Iger who is the chairman of the popular broadcasting company ABC. Iger stated, “Email has completely changed the rhythm of my workday.” “I try to avoid turning on the computer in order to evade getting bombarded by at least 25 messages which have accumulated from Europe and California since I last checked before going to sleep,” Iger admitted. Schwartz believes that most of all, email is highly distracting. Whether it is an annoying icon flashing to let you know that another email has been received or a pesky noise alerting you that your inbox is stockpiling with many unread messages, email can distract even the most focused person. In Schwartz’s interview on Iger, Iger stated, 2 “When I get to work and sit down at my desk, there’s often some document in my email inbox that I need to read, but meanwhile, the emails keep arriving.” Email is a mode of communication that truly affects people. Tony Schwartz expresses his feeling th...

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