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Benjamin Banneker "the first Negro Man of Science" Benjamin Banneker was born into a family of slavery in Maryland on November 9, 1731 as a free man. His father Robert, who had bought his and his wife Mary Banneker’s freedom tried to see that their son would some day have better opportunities. Mary was the daughter of an Englishwoman and a free African slave. Benjamin Banneker grew up working in the family farm. The farm was known as "Bannaky Springs". It was named this because it had fresh springs all around the land. Benjamin Banneker had excellent farming skills; he was able to grow things even during dry spells. He grew tobacco all year round. Although, education was limited for blacks during this period, Banneker attended a nearby Quaker country school b Continue...

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Benjamin Banneker was a very gifted child. It was obvious that this boy would grow into a man of great accomplishments. Banneker becaome friends with Joseph Ellicott and assisted him on the construction of a complex clock. Benjamin Banneker urged abolishment of slavery of the African American community and strongly believed that through his hard work, that would be his greatest achievement. ut learned how to read with the help of his grandmother and continued on educating himself. It struck every hour, on the hour and lasted duration of forty years. Bannekars life would take a turn when Joseph Ellicott's family moved into the same area where Bannekar's farm was located. This is where he began to take interest and began to teach himself advanced math and astronomy with the material provided to him by the Ellicot brothers. It gave them the courage to have a voice and allow themselves to be heard and although major changes were yet to be seen, Bannekar like other Africans Americans who contributed to freedom will be recognized always. In 1753, Benjamin Banneker had created the first clock to ever be made in America. Although his predictions contradicted those of well educated mathematicians and astronomers, Banneker was more precise. He was able forecast accurately a 1789 solar eclipse. Banneker's life story is considered an inspiration too many African Americans. His work on the clock opened a new door for him and a new career.